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AUTHORS: Samuel E. Wood Ellen Green Wood Denise Boyd Eileen Wood Serge Desmarais
YEAR: 2020
PUBLICATION: Pearson Canada
ISBN: 9780135306772



The 9th Canadian edition of The World of Psychology introduces students to the most  up-to-date research on many topics that feature rapid change, including advanced technologies, neuropsychology, gender, changes in social norms, violence, PTSD,   aggression and stress, adolescent drug use, and new therapies.

The new edition also encourages students to become active participants in the learning process. Reading about psychology is not enough. Students should be able to practise what they have learned.  What better way to teach material and make it fresh, interesting, and memorable than to have students demonstrate principles for themselves. The World of Psychology promotes student involvement through the use of rhetorical questions and unique “Try It”  and “Apply It” features.  Through these interactive activities students become active participants in the learning  process rather than simply passive recipients of information.

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