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AUTHORS: James Taylor (Author)
PAGES: 233
YEAR: 2020
ISBN: 978-0729543132



This exceptional book is a collection of more than 140 anatomical images documenting the development, maturation and ageing of the lumbar spine and pathologies associated with ageing and injury. It provides a unique guide to support the clinical diagnosis of lumbar spine trauma and pain due to age and injury.

The collection represents the extensive research conducted by Professor James Taylor into the lumbar spine gathered from his study of 266 autopsies over almost a decade. It complements The Cervical Spine: An atlas of normal anatomy and the morbid anatomy of ageing and injuries, based on the same collection.

With legislative changes now making collection of such work impossible in Australia, this book makes a never-to-be-repeated contribution to the understanding of spinal injury and rehabilitation globally, and will be invaluable for patient assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

  • Unique, high-quality images document age-related and injury-induced changes to the lumbar spine
  • Combination of wet specimens and stained specimens
  • Includes many soft-tissue specimens
  • Unprecedented breadth and diversity in range of injuries covered
  • Logical sequence from normal anatomy, through to age-related changes and changes resulting from injury
  • Invaluable for students of physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy
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The Lumbar Spine: An Atlas of Normal Anatomy and the Morbid Anatomy of Ageing and Injury (Original PDF

The Lumbar Spine: An Atlas of Normal Anatomy and the Morbid Anatomy of Ageing and Injury 2022 Original PDF

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