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AUTHORS: Gerald E. Piérard (Editor),Philippe Paquet (Editor),Serge Jennes (Editor),Claudine Franchimont (Editor)
PAGES: 112
YEAR: 2015
PUBLICATION: Nova Science Pub
ISBN: 978-1634820684



Adverse drug reactions commonly affect the skin. In rare instances, they cause severe morbidity and possibly lead to drug-induced mortality. Toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) represents the archetype of such conditions. This book summarises the recent advances in the field of TEN as a major life-threatening adverse drug reaction. Indeed, this dramatic condition remains a puzzling topic for both the clinician at the bedside and in the laboratory. This book is fully updated about the putative biomechanisms, the clinico-pathological correlations and recent treatment advances. The most damaging effects of TEN reside in the skin, eyes and oral mucosa. Physicians keen in intensive care medicine, dermatology and ophthalmology should find here stimulating concepts applicable to the patient with the hope of reducing the TEN fatalities.


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The Conundrum of Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis

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