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AUTHORS: R. G. Alexander
PAGES: 128
YEAR: 2008
PUBLICATION: Quintessence Pub
ISBN: 978-0867154672



Introduced in 1978, the Alexander Discipline represents a unique approach to orthodontic treatment; today, legions of clinicians around the world apply its 20 master principles in their practices. An outgrowth of the Tweed technique, these basic principles have been developed empirically over many years in the author s own practice. Complete records of patients treated by the author dating back 25 years are presented to demonstrate specific results and the stability of treatment. This book will be of strong interest to anyone involved in the study or practice of orthodontics.

1. Effort Equals Results
2. There Are No Little Things
3. The KISS Principle
4. Establish Goals for Stability
5. Plan Your Work, Then Work Your Plan
6. Use Brackets Designed for Specific Prescriptions
7. Build Treatment into Bracket Placement
8. Exploit Growth to Obtain Predictable Orthopedic Correction
9. Establish Ideal Arch Form
10. Follow a Logical Achwire Sequence
11. Consolidate Arches Early in Treatment
12. Ensure Complete Bracket Engagement and Maintain Consolidation
13. Let It Cook!
14. Level the Arches and Open the Bite with Reverse-Curve Archwires
15. Create Symmetry
16. Use Intraoral Elastics to Coordinate the Arches
17. Use Nonextraction Treatment Whenever Possible
18. Use Extraction Treatment Whenever Necessary
19. Careful Appliance Removal and Retention Will Improve Stability
20. Create Compliance

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The 20 Principles of the Alexander Discipline in Orthodontics, Volume 1 (Original PDF)”

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