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AUTHORS: Geoffrey D Tovey
PAGES: 358
YEAR: 2021
PUBLICATION: Royal Society of Chemistry
ISBN: 9781839165610



Formulation is a key step in the drug design process, where the active drug is combined with other substances that maximise the therapeutic potential, safety, and stability of the final medicinal product. Regulatory and quality demands, in addition to advances in processing technologies, result in growing challenges as well as possibilities for the field.

Following on from Pharmaceutical Formulation, which covered traditional dosage forms such as tablets and capsules, this volume expands upon those formulations to cover a more diverse range of less common dosage forms. Novel routes of administration are covered from inhalational, dermal and transdermal formulations to ocular, oral suspensions, vaccines and nanoparticle drug delivery. The methods through which these formulations are processed and manufactured is also covered, providing essential knowledge to ensure quality, efficiency, and acceptable costing.

Specialised Pharmaceutical Formulation is an essential, up to date resource for students and researchers working in academia and in the pharmaceutical industry and will equip readers with the ability to effectively and reliably produce products which can be approved, manufactured and made available to administer to patients.

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