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AUTHORS: Amjad Mahmood and Rozina Nazir
YEAR: 2020
PUBLICATION: Nova Science Pub Inc
ISBN: 978-1536170078



“A structured training programme is presented here, which is intended for any four-year postgraduate degree/ diploma in Orthodontics. A total of VIII modules have been developed, each of six months duration and the whole course is divided in these VIII modules. Its first four modules are structured in a way that they can be used for any two-years training programme. The programme has been devised in a structured format, whereby, the whole training is patient-centered and follows the actual treatment sequence. Module-I is about activation of prior knowledge of basic medical and dental sciences and attainment of basic clinical knowledge and skills to prepare the residents for empathetic patient care. Real patient encounter starts in Module-II and, from here onwards, all areas of respective modules are according to treatment requirements at different stages. Each module has six distinct areas, i.e., Learning Objectives, Topics to be Covered, Reading List, Table of Specifications, Assessment Methods and Check List. After successful adoption of this modular form of teaching, residents should attain the appropriate knowledge, proper attitudes and basic skills of orthodontics. This programme also enables the resident to develop a sense of professionalism, knowledge about medical ethics, scientific attitude, an inquisitive mind and a quest for research and Continuing Professional Development. A modular form of postgraduate training in orthodontics is suggested with an intention to standardize Orthodontic training across the country”–

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