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AUTHORS: Jennifer Glendenning, Mark William Kissin, Ash Subramanian, David C Howlett
PAGES: 376
YEAR: 2023
ISBN: 978-1138070134



This volume is a contemporary guide to the management of breast diseases, both benign and malignant. This multidisciplinary resource includes significant expertise from the disciplines of radiology, pathology, oncology, psychology, and nursing care, as well as insights from plastic surgeons and other allied health professionals.

With a focus on practical patient management, the book takes a problem-based learning approach and includes strategies to tackle clinical challenges which, whilst seen in practice, are often poorly understood and taught.

Each chapter succinctly covers the seminal evidence-based literature whilst placing this within a patient-centred context. The multidisciplinary approach reflects contemporary clinical practice.

Breast surgeons, surgeons in training positions, and the wider multidisciplinary breast management team will all benefit from this authoritative guide.

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Oncoplastic Breast Surgery: A Practical Guide (Original PDF

Oncoplastic Breast Surgery: A Practical Guide 2023 Original PDF

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