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AUTHORS: Bradford M. Towne, Pushkar Mehra
PAGES: 136
YEAR: 2019
PUBLICATION: Wiley-Blackwell
ISBN: 978-1119294276



This book offers a detailed, practical guide to incorporating minimally invasive cosmetic surgery into dental practice.  Chapters thoroughly examine all aspects of using these materials in practice, and present step-by-step techniques for injecting and placing neurotoxins and fillers, with specific recommendations for product selection and in-depth information on case management.  Anatomical drawings and clinical photographs depict the procedures and concepts described.

From patient evaluation, treatment planning, and product selection to techniques, managing complications, and marketing the service, Neurotoxins and Fillers in Facial Esthetic Surgery provides a complete resource for using these techniques in practice.  Coverage encompasses facial anatomy, neurotoxins, cosmetic fillers, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, Radiesse™ calcium hydroxylapatite injectable filler, pearls and pitfalls, and how to build your practice.

  • Offers a complete but easy-to-use-reference on all aspects of how to set up a minimally invasive cosmetic facial surgery service within an oral and maxillofacial surgery practice
  • Surveys the range of products available in detail from an objective viewpoint
  • Presents how-to techniques for injecting and placing neurotoxins and fillers

Neurotoxins and Fillers in Facial Esthetic Surgery is an essential reference for any oral and maxillofacial surgeon or general dentist wishing to add minimally invasive cosmetic surgery to their repertoire.

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