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AUTHORS: Erno Prof. Sajo(Author),Piotr Prof. Zygmanski(Author),Erno Sajo(Editor),Piotr Zygmanski(Editor), Fulya Cifter(Contributor), Yi Zheng(Contributor), Leon Sanche(Contributor), Dimitris Emfietzoglou(Contributor), Sebastien Incerti(Contributor), Charles Kirkby(Contributor), Brandon Koeger(Contributor), Davide Brivio(Contributor), Rajiv Kumar(Contributor), Wilfred Ngwa(Contributor), Sijumon Kunjachan(Contributor), Shady Kotb(Contributor), Martin Falk(Contributor), Michael Wolinsky(Contributor), Marlon R. Veldwijk(Contributor), Georg Hildenbrand(Contributor), Michael Hausmann(Contributor), Götz Pilarczyk(Contributor), Emanuel Maus(Contributor), Jürgen Werner Hesser(Contributor), Frank G. Zöllner(Contributor), Romy Mueller(Contributor), Yao Hao(Contributor), Yücel Altundal(Contributor), Zi Ouyang(Contributor), Gizem Cifter(Contributor)
YEAR: 2020
PUBLICATION: Institute of Physics Publishing



The contents within this book will cover the rationale and fundamental principles of NPRT, optimal nanoparticle sizes, concentrations, design and fabrication, effective nanoparticle delivery methods, emerging clinical applications of NRT modalities, treatment planning and quality assurance and the potential of NPRT in global health. This volume will serve as a resource for researchers, educators and industry, and as a practical guide or comprehensive reference for students, research trainees and others working in cancer nanomedicine.

Key Features

  • Covers the most important advances in nanoparticle-aided radiation therapy over the last few decades
  • Features contributions from leaders in the field
  • Focuses first on the fundamentals of radiosensitization, then it continues with imaging methods and concludeswith various clinical applications
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Nanoparticle Enhanced Radiation Therapy: Principles, methods and applications (IOP Series in Global Health and Radiation Oncology) (Original PDF)

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