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AUTHORS: Arthur H. Jeske DMD PhD
PAGES: 440
YEAR: 2021
ISBN: 978-0323779364



No dental office should be without this quick-reference drug handbook! Ideal for chairside use by the entire dental team, Mosby’s Dental Drug Reference, 13th Edition provides guidelines for safe, accurate drug administration. More than 800 drug monographs make it easy to find the information most relevant to oral healthcare practitioners, including indications and dosages, contraindications, interactions, side effects, serious reactions, and dental-specific drug data. From lead editor Arthur Jeske, a well-known researcher and author on dental pharmacology, this pocket guide provides the current, concise drug information needed at the point of care.

  • More than 800 drug monographs
    include each drug’s generic name, pronunciation, brand names, drug class, controlled substances schedule, mechanism of action, uses or indications, pharmacokinetics, doses and routes of administration, side effects/adverse reactions, contraindications, precautions, drug interactions of concern to dentistry, and more.

  • Durable, pocket-sized format provides essential drug information at a glance, and makes this guide ideal for chairside use.
  • Detailed dental considerations at the end of each monograph include an easy-to-use, bulleted list of specific dental-related information as well as general drug information, saving you time with information that is dentistry-focused and easy to use.
  • Convenient reference information in the front of the guide includes a primer on the management of medically compromised patients, and the back of the guide includes convenient appendices on abbreviations, drugs associated with dry mouth, drugs that affect taste, oral contraceptives, preventing medication errors, and improving medication safety.
  • Emphasis on oral health, prevention, and treatment from the dental hygienist’s perspective makes it easier to use drug information for patient and family education.
  • Coverage of oral contraceptives provides dental information on these commonly used drugs, often known to patients only by their brand names.
  • Evolve website includes more than 100 additional monographs, including new monographs on monoclonal antibodies, images of common pathologic conditions, and information on common oral complications, alternative medicine, and drugs of abuse.
  • NEW! More than 70 new monographs
    are included on the Evolve website for newly released, FDA-approved monoclonal antibody drugs, plus up-to-date content on the latest drug therapies.
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