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AUTHORS: Anton C. de Groot
PAGES: 894
YEAR: 2021
ISBN: 978-0367236939



This third volume in an exciting and detailed series on contact allergens provides monographs of all 384 topical drugs which have caused contact allergy/allergic contact dermatitis. The monographs present: Identification section; Contact allergy (general population, patients with dermatitis, case reports and case series); Cross-reactions; Patch test sensitization; Photocontact allergy; and Immediate contact reactions (contact urticaria). Separate chapters present an overview of all aspects of allergic contact dermatitis to topical drugs, contact allergy to non-drug ingredients in topical pharmaceuticals and a preview of delayed-type allergy to systemic drugs (to be discussed in Volume 4).

Key Features:

Presents monographs of all known topical drugs which have caused contact allergy/allergic contact dermatitis

Provides a full literature review of relevant topics of allergenic topical drugs

Identifies IUPAC names, synonyms, CAS and EC numbers, structural and chemical formulas, Merck Index monographs, and advises on patch testing

Presents non-drug allergens in topical pharmaceuticals

Covers an extensive amount of information to benefit dermatologists, allergists, and all others interested in drug allergy


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Monographs in Contact Allergy, Volume 3: Topical Drugs (Original PDF)

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