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AUTHORS: Stéphane Cornec
PAGES: 208
YEAR: 2021
SIZE: -2
PUBLICATION: Elsevier Masson
ISBN: 978-2294771873



This work presents 90 unavoidable pathologies classified in alphabetical order and constitutes a precious help to know the essential on the pathologies. This second edition is enriched with 18 new pathologies such as alcohol dependence growth disorder simple acute cystitis acute cystitis at risk of complications severe combined immune deficiency nosocomial infection… Each pathology is presented in the form of a table opposite -a-vis with bolded word highlighting to facilitate student revisions. Depending on the pathology, the following themes are developed: the definition the etiology the risk factors the complications the additional examinations the treatment(s) the role of IDE. The book is completed by a more

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Les pathologies en un coup d’oeil pour les infirmiers 2021 Epub+converted pdf

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