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AUTHORS: Gil Yosipovitch, Hjalte Holm Andersen, and Lars Arendt-Nielsen
PAGES: 432
YEAR: 2020
ISBN: 978-1975153038


Providing for the first time a comprehensive overview of the common and different pathways and mechanisms of itch and pain, this unique title explores these two distinct and still somehow similar sensory experiences and utilize the cross-fertilization between the two fields to develop better treatments for patients.  Itch and Pain: Similarities, Interactions and Differences is the only available, up-to-date guide to current information in this important area, ideal for basic scientists as well as clinicians in dermatology, pain, neurology, medicine, psychology, or other specialties.   World leaders in their respective fields present topics from basic science to clinical conditions where itch and/or pain are involved, as well as current and new treatments for chronic itch and/or pain. Coverage includes the epidemiology of chronic itch and pain, the neuroimmune interactions of itch and pain, an in-depth review of neural sensitization phenomena (neuroplasticity) shared in both conditions, clinical conditions where itch and pain are common, pharmacological treatments used for both conditions, and new treatment options in the horizon.
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Itch and Pain: Similarities, Interactions, and Differences (epub and CONVERTED PDF)

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