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AUTHORS: Uma Lakshmipathy (Author),‎ Chad C. MacArthur (Author),‎ Mahalakshmi Sridharan (Author),‎ Rene H. Quintanilla (Author)
PAGES: 176
YEAR: 2018
PUBLICATION: Wiley-Blackwell
ISBN: 978-1119394334



Comprehensive coverage of the entire induced pluripotent stem cell basic work flow

Pluripotent stem cells (PSC) can divide indefinitely, self-renew, and can differentiate to functionally reconstitute almost any cell in the normal developmental pathway, given the right conditions. This comprehensive book, which was developed from a training course, covers all of the PSCs (embryonic, embryonic germ, and embryonic carcinoma) and their functions. It demonstrates the feeder-dependent and feeder-free culture of hESC and hiPSC, which will be referred to in all protocols as PSCs. It also addresses the methods commonly used to determine pluripotency, as defined by self-renewal marker expression and differentiation potential.

Human Pluripotent Stem Cells: A Practical Guide offers in-depth chapter coverage of introduction to stem cell, PSC culture, reprogramming, differentiation, PSC characterization, and more. It also includes four appendixes containing information on reagents, medias, and solutions; common antibodies; consumable and equipment; and logs and forms.

  • Includes helpful tips and tricks that are normally omitted from regular research papers
  • Features useful images to support the technical aspects and results visually as well as diagrammatic illustrations
  • Presents specific sections (ie: reprogramming, differentiation) in a concise and easily digestible manner
  • Written by experts with extensive experience in stem cell technologies

Human Pluripotent Stem Cells: A Practical Guide is an ideal text for stem cell researchers, including principal investigators, and others in university and industry settings, and for new graduate students in PSC labs.

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