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AUTHORS: Kalyn shea Owens, Jeff Owens, Ann Murkowski
YEAR: 2023
ISBN: 9780137651368



For courses in general, organic and biological chemistry.

Make chemistry relevant for today’s mixed-discipline students

General, Organic and Biochemistry is a highly interactive, interdisciplinary digital product that connects fundamental topics to modern medical, biological and environmental issues. An integrated approach helps students make the connection between chemistry and future careers.

This innovative digital learning tool engages students with visual learning opportunities that are relevant and interactive. The active learning process helps students develop the critical-thinking and diagnostic-based decision-making skills needed to be successful in the allied health workforce.

Hallmark features of this title

  • Learn Tutorials engage students in solving the most challenging problems with guided problem solving, sample problems and step-by-step guides that continuously engage students in self-evaluation until mastery is reached.
  • BioConnects show students the connection between chemistry and biology, using combined text, interactive figures, animations, videos and graphics.
  • Practice activities leverage interactivity in a digital setting, are multiple choice questions that assess understanding and provide instant and detailed feedback.
  • Unit Openers feature a short video with current and compelling applications of chemistry. The openers draw students into the content and let them know why this is important to their future careers.
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General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry, 1st Edition (Original PDF

General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry, 1st Edition 2023 Original PDF

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