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AUTHORS: Hiroaki Shibahara, Akiko Hasegawa
PAGES: 279
YEAR: 2022
ISBN: 978-981-16-9625-1



This book describes the biology, diagnosis, treatment and the latest research on anti-sperm antibody (ASA) and anti-zona pellucida antibody (AZPA) produced in some infertile patients. It summarizes ASA in both men and women, and presents new research to serve as a guideline for medical treatment, which currently varies considerably. It also discusses the recently identified target antigens of these antibodies, and the latest immunocontraceptive development projects. The book features chapters on AZPA explaining the biological structure and function of the zona pellucida, and describing the abnormality and the antibody. It also provides insights into their evolution, presenting the differences in taxonomy, mammalian physiological functions and the morphologically and immunologically unique human zona pellucida.

Gamete Immunology is a valuable resource for researchers, and postdocs who are curious about new research on ASA and AZPA. It offers clinicians and embryologists who are interested in gamete immunology diverse perspectives as well as the basis for new ideas to treat the antibodies and develop contraceptive vaccinogens.

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