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AUTHORS: Lino Calvani
PAGES: 308
YEAR: 2020
PUBLICATION: Quintessence Pub
ISBN: 978-0867157925


This book is a comprehensive prosthodontic treatment guide that outlines and explains the various aspects and possibilities of medical and dental treatment planning as it exists today. The content is logically organized in a step-by-step manner and addresses a wide audience: prosthodontic specialists, graduates and postgraduate students, general practitioners, and specialists in other dental fields. Topics include the goals of treatment planning, prosthodontic tools, first meeting with the patient, diagnostics and prognostics, intraoral and extraoral physical examination, types and structure of prosthodontic treatment, the writing of a treatment plan, and more. All clinicians who organize prosthetic and reconstructive treatments in their daily work will benefit from this book. 97 illustrations. Contents: 1. Past, present, and future of treatment planning 2. Treatment planning management 3. Prosthodontic tools for treatment planning 4. Data, findings, and dental semiotics 5. The first visit diagnostics 6. Diagnosis and prognosis 7. Physical examination Part I: extraoral examination 8. Physical examination Part II: intraoral examination 9. Main clinical examination assessment questions 10. The type and structure of prosthodontic treatments 11. Treatment planning analysis of complex rehabilitations, Phase I: Diagnostics, consultations, and emergencies 12. Treatment planning analysis of complex rehabilitations, Phase II: Prosthetic and restorative treatment 13. Treatment planning analysis of complex rehabilitations, Phase III: Posttreatment care and recalls 14. Treatment planning for the elderly and those with challenging health conditions 15. How to write a prosthodontic treatment plan
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Fundamentals of Treatment Planning: Guidelines on How to Develop, Plan, Write, and Deliver a Prosthodontic Care Project (Original PDF)

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