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AUTHORS: Sarah Abdulla, Christopher Clarke
YEAR: 2019
PUBLICATION: Radiology Cafe Publishing


Beautiful medical imaging physics notes explaining radiology physics in a simple and easy to understand way. This book is aimed at those sitting the first FRCR physics exam in the UK and covers the scope of the Royal College of Radiologists syllabus.Written by Radiologists, the notes are concise but comprehensive with over 230 beautiful diagrams to aid in understanding. The clearly organised nature of the notes makes them ideal for dipping into a specific topic for reference, although if you fancy reading the entire physics syllabus, you can do that too. This book summarises and pulls together content from the FRCR Physics Notes at Radiology Cafe and delivers it in a single eBook for you to download and read anytime. Diagrams have been optimised for Amazon Kindle devices.Although aimed at UK radiology trainees, it is also suitable for residents taking the MD/Diploma in Radiodiagnosis, Diplomate National Board (DNB) candidates, postgraduate medical physics students, radiographers, radiologic technologists, diagnostic radiographers and medical radiation technologists. It provide an excellent overview for anyone interested in learning about the physics of radiology or just refreshing their knowledge.The content has gone through strict critique and evaluation by physicists and other specialists as well as the users of the website in order to provide an accurate, understandable and up-to-date resource. This second edition includes updates to reflect new legislation and many new illustrations, updates to existing illustrations, added content, corrections and removal of content no longer relevent to the FRCR physics exam.There are 7 main chapters, which are further subdivided into 58 sub-chapters so topics are easy to find. There is also a comprehensive appendix at the back of the book.Table of contents: 1. Basic science, 2. X-ray imaging, 3. CT imaging, 4. Ultrasound imaging, 5. MR imaging, 6. Molecular imaging, 7. Radiation dosimetry, protection and legislation.
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FRCR Physics Notes: Revision notes for the First FRCR Physics exam, 2nd edition (ePub and CONVERTED PDF)

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