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AUTHORS: Ezio Bruna(Author),Andrea Fabianelli(Author),Jason Smithson(Author)&0more
PAGES: 326
YEAR: 2019
ISBN: 978-8821450389


The common idea that edentulism can always be solved with implants is questioned in this book given that the most recent literature highlights the higher risk of implant prosthodontics than traditional conventional toothborne prosthodontics. This book represents a procedural guide to the fabrication of full veneer crowns with vertical margin design. The preparation of the natural tooth as a prosthetic pillar is certainly a traditional procedure that is still one of the most common activities that dentists perform today and the so-called vertical preparation is given full credit in this book.
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Fixed prosthesis with vertical margin closure. A rational approach to clinical treatment and laboratory procedures (ePub and CONVERTED PDF)

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