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AUTHORS: Paul Cornes(Author),Ali McBride(Author)
PAGES: 128
YEAR: 2020
PUBLICATION: Health Press in S. Karger AG
ISBN: 978-1912776214


Biologics have revolutionized – and are revolutionizing – the treatment of many serious disorders. The evidence acquired from more than 10 years of clinical experience, with more than 50 biosimilar drugs and more than 700 million patient-days’ exposure in Europe, shows that approved biosimilars can be used as safely and effectively as originator biologics. Yet concerns persist about biosimilars – particularly in curative cancer treatment, where they are relatively recent therapeutic options. ‘Fast Facts: Biosimilars in Hematology and Oncology’ provides a concise overview of emerging global practice in this fast-moving area together with practical information on adding biosimilars to a formulary and switching patients. Contents: • Biologics and the need for biosimilars • Why do we need biosimilars? • How is the quality of biosimilar medicines assured? • Legal issues • Switching, interchangeability and extrapolation • Safety and pharmacovigilant • Global issues • Formulary considerations: pharmacy issues • Formulary considerations: supportive care biosimilars • Formulary considerations: therapeutic anti-cancer biosimilars • Communication and awareness

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Fast Facts: Biosimilars in Hematology and Oncology: Biologics and biosimilars – getting decisions right (Original PDF)

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