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AUTHORS: Erich Goode
PAGES: 528
YEAR: 2020
ISBN: 978-1264299782



Drugs in American Society provides a holistic introduction to drug use in the United States. This sociological introduction to the use of psychoactive substances takes a big-picture look at patterns of drug consumption in America while also focusing on the effects that drugs have on users’ lives. This edition presents the most current research, data, and statistics on drug use and discusses the latest trends involving drugs, from the decriminalization and mainstreaming of marijuana to the opioid epidemic that has led to a startling rise in overdose deaths. Personal accounts of Americans who have taken drugs show the reality of drug use and provide insights that go beyond the portrayal of drugs in society and the news media.

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Drugs in American Society

Drugs in American Society , 11th Edition 2022 Epub+converted pdf

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