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AUTHORS: Faye Lyons, Lisa Ousley
PAGES: 392
YEAR: 2014
ISBN: 9780826136435



 Unique decision trees promote accurate diagnosis and treatment of 60 common skin conditions.

This is the first primary care dermatology reference written by and for nurses. It focuses on approximately 60 skin conditions that are commonly seen in primary care settings and provides unique decision trees to assist in accurate diagnosis. Organized for quick access, the book presents conditions alphabetically and includes evidence-based treatment and management strategies along with full-color photos taken during actual office visits. Dermatologic diagnostics cover skin assessment, specimen collection procedures, and use of mechanical devices, along with relevant evidence-based topical, systemic, and surgical treatment options.

The resource provides an overview of dermatology basics including skin anatomy and physiology and skin terminology. Illustrations, graphs, and skin terminology help to accurately document descriptions of rashes, lesions, and diseases during diagnostic evaluations. The book also defines risk factors in relation to skin conditions and diseases and delineates conditions common to specific populations. A broad range of management strategies is presented along with alerts for when expert follow-up is indicated. To promote rapid identification of skin conditions, each is presented in a consistent organization that includes overview, epidemiology, pathology/histology, clinical presentation, differential diagnosis, treatment/management, special considerations and appropriate referrals, and patient education. The Clinical Pearls feature captures the authors” expertise. Additional photos are available from the website as a digital photo archive.

Key Features:

• Focuses on approximately 60 common dermatological conditions with high-quality, full-color photos
• Presents four unique decision trees to foster accurate diagnosis and clinical decision making
• Delivers evidence-based prools for diagnosis, treatment, and management
• Uses a consistent format to promote quick access to information
• Written by advanced-degree nurse practitioners with nurses” informational needs in mind

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Dermatology for the Advanced Practice Nurse

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