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AUTHORS: David Gillam
PAGES: 116
YEAR: 2019
ISBN: 978-1909836471



Dentin hypersensitivity is difficult to manage due to the variety of its causes. With a range of treatment options available, but with none more widely accepted than the other, clinicians are forced to adopt a trial and error approach to management, often with limited success.

Dentin Hypersensitivity in Clinical Practicegives practical guidance on the core principles of diagnosis and pain management, providing a comprehensive overview of the various treatment choices available to clinicians in their daily practice.

The first half of the book presents an overview of current knowledge and latest research on the causes and treatments of dentin hypersensitivity, while the second half features a collection of clinical cases designed to encourage readers to identify the cause of the pain in each scenario.

Presented in a stepwise manner, each case guides the reader through taking a history, examining the patient and working through test results towards a differential diagnosis, then a definitive diagnosis and treatment options. Each case concludes with a personal perspective from a practicing clinician and a key points section that summarises the most important ‘take home’ messages arising from the scenario.

Dentin Hypersensitivity in Clinical Practiceis the ideal companion for dental practitioners seeking to achieve pain-free outcomes for their patients presenting with this widespread condition.

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