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AUTHORS: The Clinical Skills Training Center of The Second Xiangya Hospital of Centr N/A(Author)
YEAR: 2021
PUBLICATION: Royal Collins Publishing Company
ISBN: 9781487804923



Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, it is urgent to raise healthcare workers’ awareness and skills in self-protection and to increase their competence to manage COVID-19 patients with personal protective equipment (PPE) on.Clinical Protection Handbook for healthcare workers against COVID-19 is dedicated to guaranteeing occupational safety for healthcare workers and therefore enhancing medical quality. It clearly describes how to perform PPE donning and doffing and COVID-19 patient management, covering 19 standardized procedures and 11 how-to videos.This handbook is full of practical advice and procedures for healthcare workers covering important aspects of their daily work. It includes comprehensive guidelines on the essential skills of occupational safety. This is the only manual currently available for healthcare workers to learn best practice of COVID-19-related occupational protection.

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