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AUTHORS: Daniel Del Vecchio, Héctor Durán
YEAR: 2023



In the past five years, buttock surgery has been changing and expanding worldwide, while also attracting media attention. Surgeons have been confronted with a shocking number of requests for buttock augmentation surgeries. Further, as patients become more complex, more complex procedures are called for, such as fat infiltration surgery combined with implants or, for example, modifying the waist-to-hip ratio.

Aesthetic Surgery of the Buttock is the first book of its kind, covering all relevant aesthetic issues. It offers essential guidance on performing surgery, but also on avoiding complications due to fat infiltration in large blood vessels and thus avoiding embolisms at the pulmonary level. In addition, much of the book addresses various aspects of fat infiltration, e.g. obtaining, processing and applying this fat. It also discusses implants, which are an excellent option for many patients, as well as new trends in the combination of fat infiltration and implants to achieve more natural results. Given its scope, it represents an invaluable asset for all plastic surgeons around the globe who perform body-contouring surgeries.

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Aesthetic Surgery of the Buttock: A Comprehensive Clinical Guide 2023 Original PDF+19 videos 2023


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