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AUTHORS: Roland Bammer Ph.D (Author)
PAGES: 1296
YEAR: 2016
ISBN: 9781451147155



Essential reading for both clinicians and researchers, this comprehensive resource covers what you need to know about the basic principles of perfusion, as well as its many clinical applications.  Broad coverage outlines the overarching framework that interlinks methods such as DSC, DCE, CTP, and ASL.  International experts in the field demonstrate how perfusion and pharmacokinetic imaging can be effectively used to analyze medical conditions, helping you reach accurate diagnoses and monitor disease progression and response to therapy.

Key Features

  • Provides thorough coverage of CT and MR perfusion, including clinical applications, in a single, convenient volume.
  • Covers every area relevant to perfusion: image acquisition and reconstruction methods, contrast agent based methods for measuring organ perfusion and pharmacokinetic modeling, x-ray dose and general safety considerations, the basic concepts of perfusion, the methods of acquiring perfusion data, models and formulas to compute relevant perfusion parameters, protocols and how to make studies comparable, patient setup, and more.
  • Contains “pearls” and clinical summaries throughout, helping you quickly grasp the most important points of each topic.
  • Places complex technical and mathematical material in separate boxes which can be referred to as needed.
  • Offers a basis for understanding potential future applications in the management of oncologic, cerebral, renal, pulmonary, and cardiac pathologies.
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MR & CT Perfusion Imaging: Clinical Applications and Theoretical Principles (EPUB and CONVERTED PDF)

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