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2019 Classic Lectures in Pathology: What You Need to Know: Head &; Neck Pathology

350 Points

2020 Radiology After Five: How to Make Night and Weekend Call a Success! (CME VIDEOS)

300 Points

2020 Top Teachers in Head & Neck, Brain and Spine Imaging

500 Points

A Treatise on Otoslerosis and its Treatment (Original PDF)

30 Points

Adult Audiology Casebook, 2nd Edition ( Original PDF )

50 Points

Advanced ENT training: A guide to passing the FRCS (ORL-HNS) examination (MasterPass) 1st Edition (Original PDF)

50 Points

Advances in Audiology and Hearing Science: Volume 1: Clinical Protocols and Hearing Devices (Original PDF)

100 Points

Advances in Audiology and Hearing Science: Volume 2: Otoprotection, Regeneration, and Telemedicine (Original PDF)

100 Points

Aesthetic Orthognathic Surgery and Rhinoplasty ORIGINAL PDF and video’s

174 Points

Alveolar Distraction Osteogenesis: The ArchWise Appliance and Technique, 2nd Edition (Original PDF)

45 Points

An Evidence-Based Approach to the Management of Nasopharyngeal Cancer: From Basic Science to Clinical Presentation and Treatment (Original PDF)

52 Points

An Illustrated Guide to Oral Histology (Epub and CONVERTED PDF)

70 Points