We accept payment via PayPal. If you have Credit/Debit Cards, so you can register PayPal account and send us as our following step by step below:
1. Buy Points in usual way:
You will receive 10 points for each $1 USD PayPal. For example: If you pay $12 USD by PayPal, you will receive 120 points in your account. Minimum Purchase is $10.00 USD PayPal (100 Points).
2. Buy Points with special discount options:
At present, you can also get more points with 5 special options below:
Option 1: If you pay $100 – you will get 1300 points.
Option 2: If you pay $200 – you will get 3000 points.
Option 3: If you pay $300 – you will get 4600 points.
Option 4: If you pay $400 – you will get 6500 points.
Option 5: If you pay $500 – you will get 9000 points.
To buy points, please do exactly as our guides below:
+ Payment via paypal:
Please pay for us via this paypal link:
Payment Title: Point

After finish payment, please send email to us medebook1[at]gmail.com include those information (THIS IS IMPORTANT):

Your email of PayPal:
ID transaction and the amount you paid
Your username on our website:

After checking and confirm the transaction, we will add points to your account within several hours.